Officers explain the impossibility of hacking EVMs

Many IAS officers and experts vouch for the efficiency of Electronic Voting Machine and rubbishes the hacking of EVMs.

Amid the political row over reports of alleged tampering of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), officers of various services, cadres and age-groups have come in support of the machine. Many IAS officers and experts have come forward to vouch for the EVMs, saying the machines cannot be hacked.

Opposition parties have been protesting over the alleged movement and tampering of EVMS in some parts of the country. After the videos of alleged EVM tampering came from some parts of Uttar Pradesh went viral on social media, the Congress said the Election Commission should take immediate and effective steps to address the complaints of movement of EVMs from strong rooms in various parts of the country. The EC, however, dismissed the charge as “frivolous”, “unethical” and “unfounded”.

Dr Dinesh Arora, Deputy CEO Ayushman Bharat, who has been on duty thrice as a Returning Officer for the elections, took to Twitter and mocked the claims of the oppositions and said that he can vouch for the EVMs. “Being a Returning Officer thrice, I can vouch, EVMs are very effective. Entire process from recording votes to storage to counting happens in an extremely professional and secure way,” he added praising the EC and the officers.

N Saravana Kumar, an IAS officer, said, “The Human Element in the EVM Story. My blog posted almost 2 years ago. As a practitioner of EVMs, I can vouch for integrity of EVMs, based on the massive human element involved and the administrative procedures laid by ECI, for handling of EVMs.” Many other bureaucrats also came forward to defend the integrity of the EVMs including IPS D Roopa, IAS Sanjay Dixit, Former Head of R&AW Vikram Sood. They explained that EVMs are individual counting machines and not linked to the Internet, WiFi or any other circuit. In an extremely rare case, there can be an individual malfunction but it is impossible to spark a systematic collapse.

After the allegations and complaints that fresh EVMs were switched with those used in elections ahead of counting of votes on May 23, the EC came out with statement to “emphatically and unambiguously” clarify that all such reports are “absolutely false, and factually incorrect.” It also said the visuals available on TV and social media do not pertain to any EVMs used during the polls.

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