Leave everything and watch these 7 shows ! Whether it’s a free day, weekend or a Monday, you’ve got to leave everything and watch these 10 shows. If you are confused about where to begin, don’t worry, we’ve got this. Given below are the best most popular shows that you must binge onto other than […]

5 BOOKS ABOUT SERIAL KILLERS THAT SPARK YOUR INNER PSYCHOLOGIST/PSYCHOPATH You’d be lying if you said psychology dint intrigue you. All of us are born with a different mind-set which develops as we grow up depending on our surroundings and situations. Those minds that develop criminal characteristics are some of the most interesting and dangerous […]

5 Things to learn from Bahubali- Bahubali is unquestionably the epic film of the millennium. While a large portion of us wondered about the excellence and magnificence work of this film, there are likewise a few things Bahubali showed us. The film wasn’t only a dream but it was a bit of history that was […]

You were born to win… But to be a winner… you must plan to win, Prepare to win and expect to win. Why am I talking about competitions and winning them?? Because winners don’t wait for chances, they take them. And here is your golden chance to win mind-boggling prizes. Mr. Piyush Kingrani of Raipur […]

Any form of art is basically a way of expressing thoughts, ideas, emotions and imagination. Learning various forms of arts and crafts not only add depth to your thoughts and help you explore the world of imagination and creativity but also add a new charm to your overall persona. Vigour&Verve in its 21-day residential programme […]

“We wish to dedicate this to Raipur, Chhattisgarh & promise to promote new talents in Chhattisgarh & make it bigger than ever!!” were the words spoken by the three lads from Raipur when their band named High Life India became the winner and title holder for Sur Sagar Season 1, a prestigious show of Doordarshan. The […]