Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation !!! What is better than educating every individual who remains unaware of different gender identities by choice or by conditioning? Gender identity is the internal perception of one’s gender, and how they label themselves. Common identity labels include man, woman, gender-queer, trans, and more. Though this is confused with biological sex, […]

Have you ever had your heart broken by someone? Have you been dumped by someone who you loved with all your heart, mind and soul? Are you still unhappy about it? Do you think you are the reason for it? Remember, when things like these happen around us, it seems like everything is crumbling. Whether […]

Last minute Raksha Bandhan Gifts.. Irrespective of all the fun and enjoyment that special days like Raksha Bandhan bring us, they also bring along a lot of stress. Picking the right gift for your brother/sister becomes a task every year. It’s only a few days for Rakhi and if you still haven’t picked the perfect […]

Kerala is facing its worst flood in 100 years. 80 dams opened, 324 lives lost and 223139 people are in about 1500+ relief camps. Rescue operations are progressing well even in an inclement weather. A total of 82,442 rescues are being made in a single day. 3,14,391 people from 70,085 families are safe in 2094 […]

Be a hero this Independence day… Aren’t we all guilty of not living up to a single resolution that we promised ourselves almost each year on January 1st? how about we try something new this year, let’s make August 15th the new January 1st. Let’s be our own version of the Great Gandhi and Bhagat […]

The ideal morning routine finally charted down for you. Ever wanted to wake up early but ditched on the plan for the lack of having any activity in particular? Let me help you plan the beginning of your day that will help you stay healthy and achieve success. Wake up only an hour before you […]

  Brain is a marvelous organ capable of doing wonders and the unbelievable . Brain is the most used organ in the human body as it also the organ that regulates the whole body. Protecting its sanity and well-being should be the top priority. To unlock the full potential of your brain, you need to […]

“FARMVILLE” Sounds familiar ?! I’m sure you all must have heard of this famous internet game. It gained a lot of popularity in its time. “FARMVILLE” It went on to such an extent that Indian celebrities started endorsing for the same. I myself was a big fan of the same game. Don’t laugh at me […]