SC Strikes The 158-Year-Old Colonial Law, Legalizes Homosexuality! Even though there is a long road to perfection, the country has flaws that it is trying to ameliorate. The Supreme Court drubbed the 158-year-old colonial law on consensual gay sex. The Court back-peddled its own decision and said Section 377 is irrational and arbitrary. The judgment […]

 #Atal_Bihari_Vajpayee‘s Chhattisgarh Sojourn The state cabinet’s decision to rename #Naya_Raipur as #Atal_Nagar is surely a befitting tribute to the true gem of the nation- Atal Bihari Vajpayee who had played a key role in the formation #Chhattisgarh. He always had an affection towards #Raipur which is evident in his 3 visits in #Dhamtari that he made in the years 1974, 1985 & 1989 respectively, when […]

Did you know a rakhi can help you save lives? Here’s how: With all the news about farmers committing suicides, here’s something you can finally do to help and save them this Rakhi. The Gram Art Project has started an initiative by creating unique rakhis that will enable you to do so. What’s amazing about these […]

“I RESPECT WOMAN HUMAN” Somewhere, in a social media, I saw a meme in which was written, “I respect a person for his/her qualities and not gender”. It contained a very deep and broad meaning than it looks. As many of us would have faced that the term ‘Women Empowerment’ and ‘Gender Equality’ has always […]

Such an interesting topic!! I know I know… Our ladies must be jumping with joy and men must be wondering as to what is this now! Don’t worry peeps, this is just a guide meant for you to lead a happy life. All those secret or unsaid desires that your woman has, we’re listing them […]

Menstruation or Periods – Many of you must have awed reading the title. Not your fault though! Someone has rightly said that no amount of cash or high-end luxuries can determine the largeness of the frame of the mind. While we continue to progress with a new technology everyday, the mentality of most of us […]

The myth about female virginity – why most women won’t bleed the first time they have sex. There’s a very common myth in South and Central Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc.) and Middle East (KSA, we’re especially looking at you) that you can tell if a woman is a virgin, by whether or not […]

Valmiki (Ratnakara before), a sage who wrote the epic Ramayana, initially belonged to a family of robbers, who later turned into a sage with the help of Narad Muni (a divine messenger of the time). He was advised by Narad Muni, when once he tried to rob him, about the sins he is committing to […]

The legend Mahatma Gandhi taught great values of non-violence, truthfulness and honesty to the whole world. He was the man who had an out of the league way of dealing with everything. At the time when other Indian leaders took the path of violence to set their country free, he went on the path of […]

The 9 days of festivities come to an end with the coming of Dussehra. Navratri is a festival of worshiping Goddess Durga, dressing up and going to the Garba. Dussehra aka Vijaya Dashami is a festival that exemplifies the victory of good over evil, positive over negative, Rama over Ravana. Lord Rama killed Ravana is […]