La petit chef: Swayampurna Mishra Singh   Swayampurna Mishra or Swayam as she has been called all her life, is the blogger that every foodie turns to. A banker by profession, she is an author, recipe developer, photographer and often the hand model for her blog “La petit chef”. Her love for cooking started at the […]

Meghaa Bose : “The Grounded Girl With High Spirits” Meghaa Bose- Life is not a bed of roses. A young girl fighting against all odds and standing tall with a smiling face is what is the best about her. When life puts you in trouble dont say “Why me” just say “Try me” !!! This is […]

Tavneet Sahni– With Unwavering Courage Tavneet Sahni is a true blood Raipurian who completed her schooling from RKC and holds a bachelors degree in Home Science from Nagpur. As a distinction holder she completed her dual masters in Project Management and Human Resource from Cardiff, Wales. Tavneet Sahani can easily be pinned as one of the […]

Bunch of Fools : With Not Really Fools Be a game-changer the world has enough followers. Bunch of fools was started by a group of 7 friends. Everyone individually had cleanliness awareness in mind. All they needed was a push to start it. It all started with the launch of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan on 2nd October […]

Avinash Mishra: Star In the Making When you follow your passion religiously, it certainly pays you back. This is what Avinash Mishra has experienced. He is a television actor working in popular shows and making our city proud. Like every child he also had a dream of becoming an actor. Due to his chocolate boy looks and colored eyes with […]

Priyanka Agrawal: A Fighter in every Aspect Some were born to be lucky others were born to be fighters. Such is the case with the fighter lady Priyanka Agrawal, the founder of Vigour & Verve. She has been a strong headed person always. In her college days her dynamic personality and spontaneous attitude as well as management skills […]

Reena Agrawal– An Instrument Of The Almighty When a believer is undeterred with the firm belief in something that he considers the most important aspect of his life then the whole life gets organized around that to boost one for getting through any of the obstacles with the guidance from what is believed in. This […]

Ankit Rathi – Actor/Model at Indian Entertainment Industry As cliched as it may sound, ever since he was a kid, Ankit Rathi wanted to be a Hero While many kids dream of becoming actors, only a few have the dedication to pursue their passion. Ankit’s first Acting assignment came when he became a Rasna boy at […]

Kavita Dixit– Sports do not build character. They reveal it. Mrs Kavita Dixit being a sports personality is a perfect example of it. Winners train, losers complain. This is the quote that best suits a sports person and Kavita Dixit completely fits it. Being a badminton player since the last 40 years, she is a legend of […]

  Rubin Mehta, a passionate traveler who has his roots deep in the city of Raipur. Born and brought up in the city, Rubin’s passion for traveling drives his life. Rubin completed his schooling from Holy Cross H.S Pension Bada, Raipur. and got his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yashvant Rao Chavhan College under the […]