Rahul Gupta, The Mountain Man: the man with a spirit unbreakable and a passion unmatchable. Hailing from Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, Rahul Gupta or ‘The Mountain Man’ as we know him has a legendary story. Mr. Gupta studied at government multipurpose higher secondary school, the most prestigious school of the area owing to its success of a […]

Think professor and policy pundit Dr. Jawahar Surisetti Dr. Jawahar Surisetti or the think professor as we know him was born in Vizag in a family of 7. Since the age of 8, Dr. Surisetti has been working in order to provide for his family. Right from selling idlis on a small wooden cart to […]

Ashok Maloo: a lookalike with a diamond studded heart “Life is very simple, don’t make it complicated”, “Anything and everything you do, do it with passion”, “A strong will is the guide for your future”, and with many more such idealistic ‘Fundas’ in life is Mr Ashok Maloo. A businessman who is more than what […]

Bharti Bandhu: An Epitome Of Sufi and Kabir Music in India “A country can never be judged by its development structure alone, its cultural heritage is as important to understand its evolution”, believes Bharti Bandhu. An artist is not believed to be true because of how renowned he is, but the amount of diversity he […]

Akshay Poptani- Life doesn’t serve us platters until we take that best foot forward towards achieving it. Be it a small goal of winning a contest, or a larger one of achieving success manifold. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This Chinese proverb has moved lives of thousands of people around […]

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”- justifying this quote to its truest sense is Aadesh Soni- an Anchor, Dance Trainer, Event Manager, English and Personality Development tutor, and above all, a hardworking lad! Born and brought up in Raipur, Aadesh’s life wasn’t as easy as it is for many of us out […]

Vibhuti Duggar Muttha– The self-made poetess! 2003 saw Vibhuti Muttha as a meek and shy girl who not only lacked self-confidence, but also had an absenteeism of any dreams in her life. Someone who had never interacted with people outside her close-knit circle, had absolutely no confidence to break free from the shackles of the […]

Damini Sen– With Absolute Involvement Of Body, Mind & Soul There is no opportunity for the wailing and grieving ones who lament over the petty issues. There is no scope and possibility for the self torturous ones who cripple themselves with their stagnant mindset. But those who have the ever eager attitude to realize their […]

Kishor Vaibhav Abhay – A Progressive Playwright & Poet The knowledge and experience are usually considered to be the resultant of an extended time frame that consumes years of one’s life but when the ability to observe every aspect of life with a peculiar eagerness and sharp intellect then an individual emerges way ahead of time. […]

TJ Bhanu– Beautiful Inside Out TJ Bhanu, is one of the most prominent faces in the country’s modelling scene. Hailing from Raipur she finished her schooling from Dani Girls Higher Secondary School. After her graduation She went on to pursue her post graduation from Kushabhau Thakre University of Journalism and Mass Communication, Raipur. Hoping for a […]