Jesal Shah Jaggi: Designing way to Realize her Dream Born and brought up in Raipur city, owner of Jesalism, Jesal Shah Jaggi, a renowned fashion designer says she is obsessed with designing and is very particular with the detailing in her work. Jesal gained hacks of business management and strong work ethics from her father, […]

“I believe that my mother is my number one support. “says Kaynaat Khan, the prominent make-up artist of Raipur. “After I passed the twelfth grade, I took coaching for C.A. from ‘excel’. Due to the minus marking grading pattern for the competitive, I didn’t get through. I decided to quit studying. In 2016 I decided […]

Mitali Channawar: A girl with a passionate heart who lives creativity “When death arrives, it brings back the entire circle of life in front of your eyes. And for you not to feel the guilt of leaving something incomplete, doing different things in life is important”, strongly quotes Mitali Channawar when talked about her inclination […]

Shweta Pandey: Just The Right Blend Of Life’s Motives “Life is always about discovering new horizons and living them to the fullest. I believe in doing so, and so should you.”, says Mrs Shweta Pandey. A fitness and literature enthusiast, Yoga trainer, and a beauty pageant winner, Shweta is someone for every woman to look upto. […]

Razia Shaikh– Promoting Bastar Food In Chhattisgarh ! Raziya Shaikh is a native of Jagdalpur. After completing her M.Sc. in Microbiology she became the Research Officer at Safe Motherhood Initiative project that was funded by Tata trusts at Ramakrishna Sharda Sewasharam Jagdalpur . Her job was to collect the data on ethnomedicinal plants used by the tribal healers […]

“Cycling is more of a mental than a physical sport. Every person should atleast cycle once in a week to remain fit”, says K Tripti Rao. Tripti is a lawyer, fitness enthusiast, cyclist, and a Super Randonneur, who has achieved something which other woman in the state could. A fearless girl born  in Jagdalpur and […]

“A strong will power to do something makes you different from others. Different in a way better than everyone else”, believes Mrs Poornima Daga. A spiritual healer, Reiki practitioner, taro card reader and a social worker in all senses; Poornima is a woman to be looked upto. Hailing basically from Jalgaon, Maharashtra, Poornima shifted to […]

Ekta Digwani: transforming lives with a helping hand. “When you live someone else’s life, you get to know their struggles. This is when you realise that you have suffered the least”, says Mrs Ekta Dingwani when it comes to a lot of experiences in her life. A businesswoman, yoga enthusiast, social worker, and a Computer […]

Dr Shobhana Rana: a lady helping lives with a big heart “Do not miss a chance to help others ever. If you are ready to help, God will always be by your side”- with this motto, Dr Shobhana Rana thrives at working for and serving people with all she can. A homeopathic doctor, social worker, […]

Mrs. Prabha Shrishrimal– The Culinary Wizard The journey to man’s heart; rather the journey to everyone’s heart begins from their stomachs, and Mrs Prabha Shrishrimal is a master at pleasing hearts. With an extensive knowledge of food and the culinary arts, Mrs Shrishrimal is one of the most sought-after names when it comes to learning […]