Rivayat- The Lost Recipes
Food Festival

Recreating Indigenous Culinary Delights

Rivayat- The Lost RecipesRecreating Indigenous Culinary Delights

Sanchi- The Multicuisine Restaurant held a 10-day food festival Rivayat- The Lost Recipes at Hotel Sayaji from 6th to 15th July as an initiative to revive the traditional Rivayat- The Lost RecipesIndian cuisines which have totally gone out of cognizance that were once the symbol of indigenous culinary delights.

The food festival eclectically featured various lost delicacies cooked by meticulously following the recipes of the past. The detestable dishes displayed during the event were              Drumstick Soup, Leo Musallam, Lahsun Ki Kheer, Gosht Ka Halwa, Parinde Mein Parinda, Mutton Bheja Soup, Singare Ki Khichri and mcuh more. Rivayat- The Lost RecipesThis food bonanza was not only enriched with taste of traditional spices but also visually arresting one. The visitors discovered much about the lost culinary art while feasting on the recreation of the Indian cuisines of the past.

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