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SHRAMDAN CONCLAVE – Bunch of fools

SHRAMDAN CONCLAVE, an initiative of ‘Bunch of Fools’ had a gathering of more than 300 people and 100 active volunteers, who had came from 50 different cities of 15 different states with the only vision of ‘Swachh Bharat’ along with Zila Panchayat and 30+ organisations at MAIC College on 15th of April 2017, where the people exchanged their thoughts and ideas related to their mission of Swachh Bharat. On 16th of April 2017, at the boundary walls of Vivekananda Sarowar, people along with Mr. Nilesh Kshirsagar (CEO, Zila Panchayat), Mr. Rajat Bansal (Commissioner, Nagar Nigam), Mr. O.P. Choudhary (Collector, Raipur) and all other members of Bunch Of Fools painted those walls with the message of keeping the environment clean and pollution free. After that all the members went to some ODF villages (Open Defecation Free Villages) located in the outskirts of Raipur, where they made people understand the value and importance of Swachh Bharat. Also the event for Shramdan Conclave got the maximum hits on twitter for its hashtags all over India on 15th April.


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