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Environment Conversation Campaign By Bunch of Fools

Environment Conversation Campaign By Bunch of FoolsBunch of Fools

Environment conversation has been talked about countless times on multiple regional, state, national and global stage but the necessary steps towards attaining the much talked about feat just remain a mere idea which has not been realized to bring about any significant change but a renowned NGO of Raipur, Bunch Of Fools never confines itself to step up for whatsoever contribution it can make for sanitation and environment conversation.

In one such initiative by the sanitation oriented organisation members at Durga College campus and Nehru Yuva Kendra at Shastri Market on 27th May indulged themselves in public interaction and pamphlet dispensation in order to communicate the daunting resultant of the plastic use on a huge scale as it is prevalent in the society almost everywhere from street outlets to big shops. The members of the NGO are very keen on doing their bits to emerge meaningful as a unit for a social change.

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