Kitty Party at Raipur

The Kitty Queens rule it their way

Kitty at RaipurKitty Party RaipurWhile we’ve so much to talk about the party animals, it’s the Kitty Queens who are equally enthusiastic when it comes to hanging out. One such group rocked the Kitty in Babylon Plunge on 12th April 2017 with their Trendy outfits and the Red Carpet theme. The theme was no less than a celeb like feel and so were the ladies- happy faces, vibrant smiles and swag at its peak!
Making it different from any other mainstream Kitty party, the purpose of this outing stays rejuvenating with each other rather than making it a name sake outing to eat and go back. Poolside masti, Rejuvenating Masti and The ladies on Red Carpet – A trio hard to miss out on!

Kitty at Raipur

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