Adoption process for Cows has offered by MP Government

Madhya Pradesh Government to offer Cows for Adoption Online

Cows are holy animals in our Indian society, but situation of those animals are not quite good. Stray cows are one of the major problems in our country which is taking care now by Madhya Pradesh Government. Madhya Pradesh’s State Government is launching adoption service online for those who want to adopt cow and provide shelter to them at ‘Gaushala’. Adoption process for cow can take minimum period of 15 days or so on supporting till animal’s lifetime under ‘Project Gaushala’.

Declining rate of cows in every state is one of the threatening matters for various businesses.  There are approximately 7 lakh cattle are abandoned and 13 lakh are left on streets in Madhya Pradesh. Therefore Gaushalas will manage those 75% stray cows to provide better facilities.

And for that matter MP started this service cum initiative through which donors would be able to pick any Gaushala from 626 across the state. Person should pay the amount for fulfilling cow’s diet of grains 0.5kg, green feed like grass 5kgs and 10 kgs of wheat chaff a day. These conditions are applicable to non-lactating, non-pregnant cow only. Payment for cow’s feed is mandatory for 15 days which would cost Rs. 1100 and for cow’s diet for 10 years would cost at least Rs. 3 Lakh whereas feeding a cow for 6 months would cost Rs.11, 100.

There will be registration of data of all contributors in the official website of Animal Husbandry of the State and will receive certificate as well.  NRI donors can pay Gaushala managers directly for bore wells, a bull, biogas plant or a shed through this online service. It is responsibility of district collectors to watch over all donations and to put them into desired use. It is new initiative which can extend up to details of cows with their photographs to feed them according to their breed for donors in their online service.

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