Awaaz The Voice Of Youth Resonates In Slum

Awaaz The Voice Of Youth Resonates In Slum

Awaaz The Voice Of YouthThe schools will open soon for the kids with the monsoon at the threshold. In the wake of the same the civil society Awaaz The Voice Of Youth as their usual Sunday routine of spending a quality time with the sum dwelling kids, reached Mandi Gate slum area on 10th June. The members of the organization with their playful activities and exclusive style of funny interaction indulged in orienting the kids towards school and studies.Awaaz The Voice Of Youth

It was nothing less than a festive occasion for the children who kept on enjoying every moment with the civil society members being candid about their life & experiences. The members also had deliberation with the parents so as to discern the needs of the kids pertaining to the studies such as school dress, books & stationary items. Moreover they have also planned to address the any issue regarding inability of the parents to bear the expense of fees of the little ones along with coaching & training for the kids with extraordinary talents like art & craft, academics or performing art.

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