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Akash Khandelwal: Founder of Trippy Cars

Akash Khandelwal 2Capital city of the state-in-teens is expanding and transforming drastically. And this expansion and transformation demands excellent transport services to keep this fast developing city moving. The company that has made a mark in this field with it’s consistently quality services and has become the first choice of people when it come to car rental services is – Trippy.
Trippy Cars is the first and the only company in Chhattisgarh to provide both self-drive and chauffeur-driven car rental and taxi services at reasonable rates. And behind this extraordinary concept of providing self-drive car rental service is the 19-year-old boy of Raipur named Akash Khandelwal and the 22-year year old Pravesh Jain. Akash Khandelwal 2

At the age of 17, after struggling they decide their aim in life, Akash dared to think different, dream big and take action on his dreams and ideas. When asked about the beginning of his journey, Akash told that at the age of 17, when he told his family about setting up his own taxi business, they were not very supportive of the idea of him getting into business before completing his Akash Khandelwal 4education. But Akash was determined. He himself arranged for capital, bought a car and started his own taxi business. After a year, his friend Pravesh Jain joined him with the idea of introducing self-drive rental car service in Raipur. And then the team of two took their business to a whole new level altogether. Today, Trippy Cars is team of three, consisting Akash and Pravesh as Directors and Mr. Dikesh Kumar Dhruv as Manager, successfully running their business and setting a great example for other teenagers to follow. 

When asked that where does he see his business in next five years, Akash said that they have a vision to expand their services to minimum five cities of state in next five years and they are also determined to establish Trippy Cars as the company known for its good will and professionalism.
Akash  Khandelwal’s advice to all the aspiring entrepreneurs and self-doubting talented youngsters of state is- Just go with the flow! No matter what your circumstances are at the moment, no matter how challenging is the road, keep moving and believe that all your problems and difficulties are temporary. Every obstacle can be overcome with sheer hard work and perseverance.

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