Ashok Maloo: A Lookalike With A Diamond Studded Heart

Ashok MalooAshok Maloo: a lookalike with a diamond studded heart

“Life is very simple, don’t make it complicated”, “Anything and everything you do, do it with passion”, “A strong will is the guide for your future”, and with many more such idealistic ‘Fundas’ in life is Mr Ashok Maloo. A businessman who is more than what one can expect from him in a single glance.Ashok Maloo

Born and brought up in Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh, Ashok currently runs a business of Pharmaceutical trading in Raipur. It was way back in 1969, when he started his journey of standing on his own feet when he started a Medical Store in Mahasamund. His motive from the very beginning was to touch the highest point of what he was doing. Later, he moved to Raipur in 1995 to get a better exposure of things, and started wholesale work here. He went on working as a consignee agent and switched various businesses for a while. He believes that a person Ashok Malooachieves what he aims at achieving, now or later. With resemblance to his own dream when he started with a very small investment and a lives a content life now along with his family.

It was in 2008, when he got severely sick and was bedridden for around a week. He had grown a beard because of the same, and after getting well, when he trimmed it off, things were about to change for him from here. With that trimmed look, he went for a college event where he was invited, and when a bunch of students approached him for an autograph, he was dumbstruck. Before he could realise anything, people had started comparing him with the great Bollywood Actor and living legend- Amitabh Bachchan. After receiving acknowledgment at various events and in various situations, he thought of maintaining this look Ashok Malooand not changing it. The reason wasn’t fame or anything even close to it. The happiness he could see on people’s faces while they approach him and call him a lookalike of Amitabh Bachchan, that happiness was priceless for him.

He in all means discards himself to be an artist and believes to have come out as a lookalike of the great man due to a luck by chance. Although, for him Amitabh Bachchan is someone he looks upto greatly. Because of his uncanny resemblance to the great actor, he has received a lot of offers from various movies and advertisements where he refuses them everytime Ashok Maloocalling it ‘not his type of thing’. He gets invited from various parts of the country because of the same, and the reason of his happiness as a lookalike grows fuller when from a kid of 3 years to an Old lady of 95, everyone recognizes the big man and showers equal love to him.

He might not be an artist, but he surely motivates them with all he can. It’s his fondness of music that he’s associated with a lot of musical groups indirectly where he works as a moral support for them. With a personality if not as big as Bollywood’s Big B, but as vibrant as him, Ashok loves his family more than anything else, and calls his better half as a “24 Carat housewife” with love seeing her Ashok Maloodedication towards their family. He idolizes his father and believes to have followed his father’s ideals in his initial days. He ends up motivating the youngsters to work hard in their life for atleast 5 years after their schooling to stand out excellently for the rest of their lives, and also thanks the people of Raipur and the entire Chhattisgarh for all the love and support.

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