Damini Sen- With Absolute Involvement Of Body, Mind & Soul

Damini Sen– With Absolute Involvement Of Body, Mind & Soul

Damini SenThere is no opportunity for the wailing and grieving ones who lament over the petty issues. There is no scope and possibility for the self torturous ones who cripple themselves with their stagnant mindset. But those who have the ever eager attitude to realize their dreams by absolute involvement of the body, mind and soul altogether never have a single moment of pain and regret. One such individual is Damini Sen who is a talented foot painter and a very humble being.

Damini, a native of Raipur, completed her school education from Maa Banjari Gurukul Vidyalaya, Raipur and is now pursuing her graduation in Computer Science. Her inclination towards foot painting as she states started to take shape since her early childhood when she saw her mother writing and painting with her foot. She has bolstered Damini throughout her life to hone her skills in performing every task with ease without any support. The hobby of painting in the beginning now has turned into a passion in which rests the soul of Damini.

Damini has a gift of unwavering attention and firmly fixed focus that help her learn at much faster pace. She is so much evolved with her talent and skills that the list of her achievements is getting longer and longer. She has been prevailing in the state level painting competitions ever since she commenced to participate. She holds the record of 38 paintings in 1 hour acknowledged by the Golden Book of World Records in 2015. She was felicitated by the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi with Young Indian Big Achievement Award at Amazing Indians Awards in 2016. The same year the Chief Minister of the state Dr Raman Singh also honored her at Yuva Sankalp Programme held in Raipur. Moreover she has bagged a national level award at one of Akashwani’s programmes as well.Damini Sen

Damini is not only a marvellous painter but also a studious one who attained the state government scholarship after achieving 80% marks in the 10th standard. Now as a graduation student of Computer Science she also dedicates her time apart from painting towards study through her laptop. Her skills have a broad array that include cooking as well.

Damini SenDamini being motivational and inspiring to all who are trapped within their own mental concoction, says that an individual’s thought process and attitude towards what he wants to attain matter the most and rest is all negligible.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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