Vibhuti Duggar Muttha- The self-made poetess!

Vibhuti Duggar MutthaVibhuti Duggar Muttha– The self-made poetess!

2003 saw Vibhuti Muttha as a meek and shy girl who not only lacked self-confidence, but also had an absenteeism of any dreams in her life. Someone who had never interacted with people outside her close-knit circle, had absolutely no confidence to break free from the shackles of the societal norms that tied her down, broke free and flew higher, towards the will to not only dream, but the confidence to turn those dreams into reality.Vibhuti Duggar Muttha

An extremely qualified lady, Vibhuti ventured into the world of poetry long before people saw her talent. She holds a Masters degree in Business Administration, is a Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping, NLP Master Practitioner and a Timeline and Hypnotherapy Practitioner. Being presented with a conventional life, her reality was wrapped in narrow-mindedness and restrictive norms of the community. Much like other girls she was groomed to keep her mouth glued unless granted a permit to speak. During those days, poetry had been a hobby that helped her release the constricted feelings and anger she kept hidden in her. Eventually stepping out of her on shadow, she decided to share her poetry with the world and she soon took to sharing her videos on social media. After a few instances in life that showed that acquaintances and strangers alike liked her poetry, she found herself penning down her thoughts every chance she got. Her popularity soon grew and, in the November of 2016, one of her poems went viral and reached a viewer count of 400,000 with viewers and appreciators from not only India but also countries like USA, Canada and UK. This appreciation led her to creating her own page where she actively and regularly posts her work for the people to read.Vibhuti Duggar Muttha

Vibhuti Duggar MutthaFrom a meek girl, the one who had no dreams; to this one who is all about dreaming, it is indeed a journey yet to begin. She feels that her journey has been one fulfilment where she runs the company ‘Project Purpose’ in Dubai, is a poet with her own created audience on her page ‘Poetry with Purpose by Vibhuti’, a faculty at a university, an artist who has painted everything around, a dancer who dances her heart out, is a mother of two beautiful kids, is a wife of a proud husband. Vibhuti believes that she is a whole new person who broke out of the shell that she had caged herself into all those years and she feels proud of the fact that she is walking in a path that she carved out for herself.


I am so many things today which people know me for and I am proud to say that I did create my own path with my own mistakes.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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