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“Writing is a kind of meditation which can be done either under an influence or under  depression. Many take the easy way, the second one. You can’t inspire someone, when you yourself  are depressed”, says Dinesh Chandwani when asked about writing as an art.

An author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, professional skydiver, surfer and a restaurant operations professional; Mr. Dinesh Chandwani is a multidimensional man inspiring many youngsters from Chhattisgarh and across the country. Through this small candid conversation with Mr. Dinesh, we tried to know more of the in person Dinesh behind the author of ‘EMEG: A Face off with fear’.

A stubborn introvert while growing up, Dinesh was a student not as academically great to be taking over the ancestral legacy of his parents being educationists. Son of an IIT-JEE educator, he completed his graduation from Nagpur. Graduating, he faced his first reality check with the harsh realities of life, opting for a wrong company to amble along. He proudly admits, completing his Engineering in six years; as he describes it as exploring, to be honest. His journey post graduation is what he terms to be his best phase of life. Moving to Brisbane, Australia for post graduation had the best tastes of life for the much evolved Dinesh.Dinesh Chandwani

He mentions about working in Restaurants as a part time employee to pay for his own needs; clearing the part that he had capable parents to afford his expenses there, but there’s something called life basics, which he learnt, working. Post graduating in International business from Queensland University of technology, he had different ideas to work on. He, along with his cousin, Nikhil Chandwani, runs a creative E-learning EduTech space, called the ‘Walnut School of Ideas’. Its motive is to train and guide a million more students in the coming years, which Dinesh couldn’t receive at his time. The organization currently works actively from Nagpur, Vijayawada, and Hyderabad.

Being fed up with the regularly publishing love stories by Indian authors, Dinesh chose to stand out in his own unique and an adventurous way. When asked about why adventure fiction, he admits adventure being the only thing he knows out of all other menaces in life. “400 trillion to one is the ratio of being a human, I made peace with it”, says Dinesh, telling about the motive behind the title, EMEG. It stands for ‘El Mundo es Grande’, meaning ‘the world is big enough’, in Spanish. The novel turns out to be about a traveler’s perception of an outer world.

Dinesh ChandwaniDinesh suggests young bloods to invest their time in something as productive. He further adds, asking them to read as much as one can. He moves on saying, “Explore all you want, it’s your life and you are its master”. Solely a man of utter wisdom and grace, he ends by talking about young writers in the state who carry the caliber to turn up the ethos. All they need is right guidance. He can be reached on social media on his respective official account, for more.


“I think one should  face his fears himself , instead of portraying it in front of someone and expecting a miracle”


Author – Sourabh Acharya

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