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Kaynaat Khan- A Prominent Make-up Artist of Raipur.

“I believe that my mother is my number one support. “says Kaynaat Khan, the promiKayanaat khannent Kaynaat khanmake-up artist of Raipur. “After I passed the twelfth grade, I took coaching for C.A. from ‘excel’. Due to the minus marking grading pattern for the competitive, I didn’t get through. I decided to quit studying. In 2016 I decided to train to become a make-up artist. My family wrote me off. Belonging to a conservative muslim family, it was not easy at all.

They wanted to me take up studies again and it didn’t take me too long to figure that I was alone in this except that I wasn’t. My mother stood by me like a rock. I went back to Delhi to upskill myself in both hair and make-up. I joined “Amit hair and makeup academy”.Kaynaat khan

“Even when I was in Delhi, my mother came along with me to help me with my new endeavours. Today I am a well-known makeup artist. I owe my success to my mom and her blessings. ”

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