Gouri Sankar Pradhan – The Man Making People Fit!!

Gouri Sankar Pradhan – The Man Making People Fit!!


Gouri Sankar Pradhan, a martial artist and founder of GSP Fitness & Wellness in Raipur, Gouri Sankar Pradhanis someone to look up to, if one wants to be healthy and fit. Hailing from a large Indian family of 7 sisters and a brother apart from him, he has always known the importance of family by the support that he got. Gouri Sankar Pradhan is a commerce graduate and has 11 years of martial arts training from Orissa. He holds the black belt and is now one of the most sought after trainers in the city.

After working for the National Thermal Power Corporation for almost 6 years, he shifted to Raipur due to lack of exposure in the small cities. He soon started as a trainer at Golds Gym Raipur but realised that there was no scope for martial arts in the city and this shifted to Zumba and other fitness methods. He gained a certification in Zumba from Mumbai and launched Raipur’s first Zumba classes at Golds Gym and other high end gyms of the city. He soon dropped charge of all these classes when he decided to open his own fitness studio under the name of GSP Fitness in Civil Lines. With the limited facilities to his aid, he worked his way through the gym for a year and soon shifted to expanding his business. Afterwards Mr. Pradhan opened the second installment of his fitness empire at Shyam Plaza in the year 2015. He is the one who introduced Raipur to Zumba, Tabata, Strong by Zumba, Aqua zumba and is soon planning on launching Nirvana Fitness.

With no idea of business, Mr. Pradhan faced tremendous amount of difficulties but overcame each one of them with his hard work and perseverance. The client base that he had acquired over a course of three years also proved to be a boon at the start of his ventures as an entrepreneur. Gouri Sankar PradhanThe journey that started off with earning Rs200 by training kids at a football camp has now led him to own and manage one of the biggest fitness chains of the city.

Mr. Pradhan is now working towards opening his own fitness academy and introducing cross-fitness at GSP as well as turning GSP Fitness into a franchise name in Chhattisgarh. He feels that the most important aspect of training is that it needs to be updated constantly so as to not only attract new clients but work towards the betterment of the existing one. He aims towards keeping the environment fun filled and relaxed to make attaining fitness easier.

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