Rahul Janghel

Rahul Janghel- Communicating Through Art

Rahul Janghel– Communicating Through Art

Rahul JanghelRahul Janghel, born and bought up in Raipur, is a budding artist who wishes to promote Chhattisgarh through his art. Being a not so studious he was always inclined towards arts and would often sketch during his childhood.

His dream to pursue arts as his career had to be put on the back burner due to lack of family and financial support. To respect his parents’ wishes he decided to pursue B. Com and enrolled for the graduate degree at Kalinga University. After the first year of his graduation, on a random trip to a mall, he met an artist named Manish Sharma who later became his inspiration. It was the time when he decided that there was nothing but arts that he wanted as his profession. After many attempts at convincing his parents, he finally got a go and decided to pursue his lifelong dream at Khairagarh University in 2015.Rahul Janghel

Rahul JanghelHe is now in the third year of BFA and plans to do his masters soon. Rahul mainly works on portraits with pencil and charcoal as his medium. He has been promoting himself and the state by presenting the dignitaries and celebrities who visit the city. He has been selling portraits online and practices his art at home.

Rahul Janghel wants people to view and recognize Chhattisgarh through his art and hopes to open his own art studio in the future. He believes that if one follows his passion being undeterred then the success will follow soon after.

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