Badhte Kadam Raipur- Ever Ending Journey Of Selfless Service

badhte kadamBadhte Kadam Raipur- Ever Ending Journey Of Selfless Service

Badhte Kadam– Bringing change in the society is a lot easier in saying than executing the chalked out plan to attain it. But when coordination & cooperation come into the fray with the firm commitment then adversities are seen as the cradle of opportunities. Such is the ideology of Badhte Kadam an NGO that is known for treading through without a single pause being a change maker in the society.

Badhte Kadam was founded on 9th January, 2005 by a soulful social worker Late Mr Anil Gurubakshani who had been devoted towards social inclusion & integration all his life. He had also successfully helped 51 underprivileged couples to get married in a mass marriage ceremony in the year 2001.

The NGO in its initial phase took small steps to emerge significant in the society. It started off its journey with managing the condolence meets. Afterwards with more members then earlier, it commenced availing blood of the desired group to the patients in the dire need. It benefits over 100 needy ones with the blood donation every month. It also indulged in disseminating awareness about eye donation which now has prompted over 1000 people to join the noble cause.badhte kadam

For enhancing research & progress in the medical & healthcare sector in the state the NGO started educating people of donating the body so that it can be a life savior for those who are hopeful for transplantation. In the past 11 years it has helped the tally of body donation soar to 133 which was just 5 in the past 50 years before they initiated the cause.

Justifying its name Badhte Kadam the organization by and by contributing towards social change with every bit of their efforts. Barring itself from the cliche deed of gifting stationary items & food to the kids it has adopted 100 underprivileged children and taken the entire responsibility of their education with regular monitoring throughout the year. It has expanded its bandwidth of the initiative to an inexplicable range that hours will pass with its ever ending story. Some more of the major initiatives taken up by NGO reaches out to helping senior citizens, rescuing animals, feeding those who have nothing to fill their belly and much more. It has also commenced the Coffin Freezer service that allows the families to unite before cremating the diseased ones. As the future prospect it has planned to establish day boarding Anand Ashram for the senior citizens to accompany them in their delicate phase of life being an emotional & psychological support.

The efforts & attainments of the NGO significantly reflect that humanity is not limited to helping just the humankind but being truly devoted towards the nature and its creatures along with the fellow beings.

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