Bunch of Fools : With Not Really Fools

Bunch of Fools : With Not Really Fools

Be a game-changer the world has enough followers. Bunch of fools was started by a group of 7 friends. Everyone individually had cleanliness awareness in mind.

bunch of fools

All they needed was a push to start it. It all started with the launch of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan on 2nd October 2014, which gave them a kick to put their thought into action. On 2nd November 2014, a group of 7 good old friends  namely Satish Bhuwalka, Abhishek GandhiSunny JainPrashant Kochar, Manish Sharma, Sachin Bhowalka and Mukesh Rathi started off their journey as the bunch of fools to become the trendsetters of the society. No wonder their hard work has paid off as they have successfully painted over 200 public walls & cleaned many major public spots of Raipur till date. They work on every Sunday morning on various spots and it has been an achievement in itself that they have been indulged in the cleanliness drive for nearly 4 years and they haven’t missed even asingle Sunday despite it is a festive occasion like Holi or Diwali.

They have even worked during rains wearing a raincoat. Though it may appear as if it is a task to be performed once in a week but it is not the case, it takes the whole week to prepare and research. Their main agenda behind this group is that they want to make people aware about cleanliness. Also they aim to convert their spots into useful places so that it cannot become a garbage place again in the future. They have a team that is involved in discovering the spots and then research is done over the reasons behind the place becoming a garbage spot. They personally visit the people living nearby and invite them to lend a hand in cleaning their locality.


Their first spot was in front of Kali Mata Mandir. They also converted a 40 year old garbage spot into a badminton court. They have converted various spots into car parking area or two wheeler parking area. When they go to clean a spot they create a fest environment by performing street plays, engaging people in games and deliberating with the locals.

When PM Shri Narendra Modi visited Raipur, they got a call from the PMO India that Mr Modi wanted to meet them and on 1st November 2016 they got the privilege to meet him. Mr Modi is an avid follower of bunch of fools and appreciated them for their selfless work. They have also been felicitated by various organizations including the Tarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah and with many national level awards. Their hard-work and sincerity are commendable. Also the fact that they are a self funding group and doesn’t accept any monetary help from anyone is the testimony of their selfless commitment. They have been working continuously towards beautifying the city and their initiative has now turned into a mass movement with over 150 active members.bunch of fools

Kudos to the bunch of not the fools but the flowers, that is spreading its fragrance across the city motivating many for the noble cause. Salutation a million times from our team!!

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