Dr Anjali Verma- The Happiness Guru 

Dr Anjali Verma-  The Happiness Guru

IDr. Anjali Vermat is rightly said, ‘Being happy is good, but spreading happiness is better’, and Dr. Anjali Verma swears by it. A homeopathic doctor by profession, Dr. Anjali is an instructor at the Art of Living family working under her guru Shri Shri Ravishankar.

During the third year of her BHMS, Dr. Anjali became a part of the Raipur Homeopathy Study Circle; a group that promoted the holistic approach to medicine. Initially, because of her innate nature to look at everything logically and practically, Dr. Anjali wasn’t a staunch believer in the ideologies of Art of Living and only vouches by it after trying and seeing a positive change in herself. She now is an active member of the Art of Living family and conducts various programs for kids and adults alike. Her program list includes, the Happiness Program for 18+, Medha Yoga for 13-18 years, Utkarsh Yoga for 8-12 years, know your child sessions for parents, stress free sessions for teachers and spine care yoga for kids and adults

At the stress-free sessions, Dr. Anjali aims to introduce people to the benefits of a stress-free and easy-going lifestyle and hopes to bring people to see the importance of happiness in order to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Dr. Anjali Verma
Dr. Anjali is also active socially and has been an active participant and facilitator who various social drives in and around the city. Along with the youth participating in the Happiness Programs, Dr. Anjali has provided food and refreshments to the passengers travelling in the general compartments of long-journey trains and have also collected old clothes door-to-door for orphanages. She has also lead various cleanliness drives and believes in inculcating a sense of responsibility in the children and youth with regard to nature and humanity. She has also conducted various sessions at small schools for kids and teachers, free of charge.

Dr. Anjali VermaFor Dr. Anjali to be where she is today, she feels that her parents play a very important role. They have not only supported her activities unconditionally, but have also been a part of her journey at every step. From giving her the freedom to chose her own path to helping her successfully walk on it, her parents have done it all. Dr. Anjali hopes to find a life partner who would not only support her, but also share her views and love for the betterment of the society.

Dr. Anjali finds satisfaction in helping people come face to face with the happiness that they hold within themselves. She believes that if everyone realises that happiness comes from within and not the materialistic pleasures, the world would be a better place to live in.

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