Rupak Singh – With Philanthropic Fervor

Rupak Singh – With Philanthropic Fervor

Rupak SinghEducation is not preparation for life, education is life itself! – John Dewey

Born and brought up in Raipur, Rupak Singh aims to bridge the gap in the education system that the small towns face when compared to the metro cities. Rupak has the experience of both, as he completed his high school from Maharshi Vidhya Mandir, Raipur and went on to attain his Bachelor degree in business management from Bangalore University. Afterwards he completed his post graduation as an MBA from Christ University, Bangalore.

While in Bangalore, Rupak tutored children and that’s when he realized that it is not just the quality of education, but also the very attitude and demeanor of the people towards education lacks the necessary values. Thereafter he decided to take a step forward and work on bridging the gap, in whatever small ways he could. Rupak along with a few of his friends and family members then founded the Saksham Foundation in the year 2016, with the vision to reform and upgrade the quality of education at the government schools in and around the city. For founding the organization Rupak spent all his savings from the job at Axis Bank.Rupak Singh

Saksham as a team, started their journey with their first ever program in the 2016 Holi festival, where they provided refreshments to over 400 policemen on duty. Saksham Foundation at present works with the small orphanages and Ashrams, where it addresses the basic needs of the kids and donates all the funds raised. The fundraising is usually accomplished by small campaigns and programs on various occasions. The most successful fundraiser for them is organizing Cricket Matches.

Due to insufficient funds, Rupak is yet to realize his vision of educational up-gradation, but plans to indulge soon. He has slated to work with a few government schools in the rural parts of Raipur, for bringing about the values in the education system. He also aims to successfully work towards the well-being of the society as a whole, by providing quality education and proper grooming to the future generation.

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