Bharti Makhija – A Teacher Of Teachers

Bharti Makhija – A Teacher Of Teachers

Bharti MakhijaOf all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher! – Maggie Gallagher

Driven by her passion for teaching and her love for children, Bharti Makhija not only inspires kids buts also trains the ones who teach them. Born and brought up in Raipur and a alumnus of Salem English School,Raipur, Bharti trains the teachers and impart in them the knowledge to help nourish the tiny tots.

Bharti’s journey as a teacher began right after her high school graduation. She started as a pre-primary teacher at ‘Little Pioneers’ and has since crossed a long walk in life. She holds a teachers trainer certificate from Asian College Of Teachers Bangalore and is now associated with schools in and around Raipur. Bharti works as a teachers trainer and Special Educator for Math at Krishna Public School,Raipur and a few other schools in Bhatapara and Bemetara.

For Bharti, teaching is more of a lifestyle than a livelihood. She does what she does to satiate her passion for teaching and be around the children that she so loves, rather than it being a source of bread and butter. In spite of the struggles while managing both work and home in the first two years of her marriage, Bharti sailed through and now works as one of the top trainers in the city.Bharti Makhija

Bharti hopes to establish a teachers training academy in Raipur and work with teachers, for grooming them and inculcating an overall personality perfection. She also wants to start a coaching centre for kids who need the extra attention to brush them up.

Bharti believes that school generates a sleep-wake-work system not only for the students, but also for the teachers and this system is what drives her everyday. Teaching and interacting with kids drives Bharti towards a sense of being as she continues to inspire not only the children, but also the ones who teach them.

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