Niharika Ahluwalia- With Baking Fervor

Niharika Ahluwalia– With Baking Fervor

Niharika AhluwaliaNiharika Alhuwalia has found her passion in satisfying people’s sweet tooth. Basically a CA from Ludhiana, she discovered her orientation at a stage where her career was just taking off; and decided to step in and go with that.

Niharika held a steady job but was often not happy and satisfied with the work she was doing. As an attempt to give expression to her passion, she took up a baking workshop back when she was in Delhi. During her workshop stint her love for baking grew stronger and she decided to make a living out of it. Niharika soon quit her job at Deloitte and joined a cake studio where working with the chefs and bakery moguls she aimed at developing and refining her skills and experiences.

In 2012 after moving back to Raipur despite having a baby she decided to start her own kitchen studio and went on to reconstruct her own kitchen. As someone who wasn’t ready to give up on her motherhood and family as well as her passion, she found a midway to perfectly integrate both. Working from home, she started Sugar Blush kitchen studio in the year 2017 and now is one of the leading artists in the baking scene of the city. While the people around Niharika regard her as a cake decorator, she terms herself as more of a baker than a decorator. While her forte lies in decoration; majorly dealing with cream cakes; her heart strays towards baking. She says that it’s the aroma of freshly baked bread and cakes that often brings her the calmness that she hankers for.Niharika Ahluwalia

Niharika plans to set up and launch her own patisserie in the future and continue working towards fulfilling her passion and love for baking. Niharika states that if one puts his heart & soul into the deeply cherished passion then life becomes a beautiful journey with attainments of milestone after milestone.Niharika Ahluwalia

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