Priyanka Agrawal: A Fighter in every Aspect

Priyanka Agrawal: A Fighter in every Aspect

Some were born to be lucky others were born to be fighters. Such is the case with the fighter lady Priyanka Agrawal, the founder of Vigour & Verve. She has been a strong headed person always. In her college days her dynamic personality and spontaneous attitude as well as management skills came to light.

Priyanka Agrawal


She organized her brother’s Sangeet and then also used to organize many events without any event management course. Later she did her journalism from SIMC. She also did some shows on Doordarshan Kendra Raipur. Due to her interest in fitness she has also done a diploma course inNaturopathy and Acupressure. Since 2004 she has been managing Ramesh Seva Sadan Girls Hostel.

Under Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Charitable Trust she started the grooming classes, Vigour & Verve in 2015. A first of its kind in Raipur, It is a complete home management program where under one roof all aspects of home management are touched upon, including cooking sessions and many more exciting Activities. She used her personal experiences to come up with an institute that grooms, teaches and helps young girls to brace themselves for troubles that life throws at them and be the best version of who they are, in all circumstances. Till date it has organized 4 mandatory residential program with 100 percent result every time covering 7 states namely Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra etc. In 2016 she established a new girls hostel, Godavari seva sadan and looks after it. It has a rotation of approx 2000 girls every year. Then, as every success story has its own lows, she had hers too, when she hit a rough patch in her marriage, facing all that, she stands a stronger woman today, 3 years later. Due to the extraordinary feat attained by her, she is garnering appreciation from across the country and recently she has been awarded with Emerging Woman Entrepreneur Award at Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards conducted by Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Raipur.

A multi talented lady taking care of her son and also Godavari Seva Sadan along with Vigour & Verve.

 She loves cooking, and is a motivational speaker too. She has recorded Bhajans as well. She is a fighter who has fought and emerged victorious in every situation and is standing tall in the society to bring about a change. More power to her!!

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