Bhawna Jaiswal- A Soulful Being & Budding Writer

Bhawna Jaiswal– A Soulful Being & Budding Writer

Bhawna JaiswalBhawna Jaiswal was born on 7th of August 1995 at Gevra in the district of Korba. She completed her schooling from DAV Public School, Gevra and graduated from Nit Raipur in 2017. She is a satisfied writer by choice.

She runs a Facebook page The spare heart and plans to title the book she’s currently working on, with same name. A book named Tamanna written by her has already been published as a step towards becoming an established author. Her inspiration has been her parents who have taught her that education, knowledge and experience are the only things that let you be independent, fight & survive.

It is rightly said, everything happens for a reason. Back in the 8th standard circumstances led Bhawna to become a recluse and her focus shifted solely towards her studies. Her graph escalated from being in the top 20 students in the 8th standard to acing her 12th boards in the whole district and breaking the school record with a whooping 95.6%. It is not just about the marks she secured, instead, it shows the improvement and the way she polished herself with the years that passed by. After securing her place at NIT Raipur, from her appendix surgery to being secluded she faced a new set of challenges that the world had in store for her. Despite all the adversities Bhawna carved her way through life and excelled at it. Her writing has been the fuel to keep her life running smoothly.Bhawna Jaiswal

After a strainous period of trying to land a summer internship, Bhawna was chosen for IIT Madras, where her tryst with the injuries continued and she ended up with a fractured leg but chose to continue her internship unhindered. She feels that she was lucky to have an understanding guide who was her professor and who nudged her to continue her internship regardless the physical pain she was going through.

No matter what circumstances life puts her in, Bhawna kept moving ahead and managed to secure her place on the success map. She feels that Engineering is a platform for learning, innovating, building strength and dreaming freely rather than a means to just earn money. It’s our choice whether someone wants to have a job, be an entrepreneur or a farmer.

To quote Bhawna,”Live life like it’s your last day, work hard like it’s your last salary, write like it’s your last conversation with your soul!”

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