Meghaa Bose : “The Grounded Girl With High Spirits”

Meghaa Bose : “The Grounded Girl With High Spirits”

meghaa boseMeghaa Bose- Life is not a bed of roses. A young girl fighting against all odds and standing tall with a smiling face is what is the best about her.

When life puts you in trouble dont say “Why me” just say “Try me” !!! This is what Meghaa Bosean interior designer is facing right now. Her life and childhood was full of trouble. Being brought up by her mother, Things have never been easy for her on the personal front. She always had an inclination towards aesthetics, space planning, art direction. She did her B.A. from Degree Girls College. She is also a dancer and has taken personal classes from Swapnil Karmahe. She has also participated in many fests and won. She was a guest artist in photography festival. In Iccr KolkataPurvai she stood first. She has also attended lecture and workshop of Pandit Birju Maharaj. On the work front, after her B.A. she joined Auto CAD classes and assisted a lady in interiors but soon she realized that she is not getting the output of her hard-work. She then went to Rumeghaa bosepal Bagrecha and worked under her for 2 months and learned a lot. She was not satisfied with the current trends in interior designing which were inspired from the west. People mostly grab ideas from the internet and this is what Megha strongly opposes. She prefers tribal and Indian culture more. She is currently trying to bring Bastar Arts in interiors also wood carving, bell metal, Godna Art. She is working on these concepts. She has joined an NGO, Abhaas – आभास that works for women and child empowerment and is training them to prepare stuff inspired from Bastar Art. She will be starting a workshop soon and wants to open a center where only Bastar Art inspired interior stuff will be available. She is a multi talented girl and singing is also a feather in her cap as she manages a YouTube channel and also participates in shows. She is a fighter in true-sense as she has fought with bone TB and severe vitamin D deficiency a year back. She was bed ridden for a year. Her professional life came to a complete halt. She gained weight and her dance career was put at stake. She also completely tanned her skin because of lack of vitamin D and lost all her confidence at that time. Her personal and health problems have never became a weakness for her on the contrary she has made it into her strength and is going strong. She is a true inspiration.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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