13 Reasons Why The Opposition Lost Miserably.

It was a historic and record-breaking victory for the NDA government with 350+ seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the result of which was announced on 23rd May,


As everyone came across the results, with the massive victory of the BJP reclaiming  the throne, National Democratic Alliance (NDA) won more than 350 seats out of 542 in the 2019 Lok Sabha verdict. This was a tremendous majority with more than 60% seats. As for now, PM Narendra Modi is all set to take the oath on 30th May and will be back in power with even stronger majority.

The Modi government has been a game-changer for India in the past 5 years by initiating schemes benefiting every sector such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan for sanitation, Ujjwala Yojana for LPG gas distribution to the needy, Awas Yojana to provide house to the poor, Jan Dhan Yojana to register bank accounts of the poor, Highway connectivity to remotest areas, demonetisation for acquiring black money, zero tolerance against terrorism, army modernization, industrial globalization, reputation surge in International forums and the list goes on.

But, it was not only the good work done by the Modi Government which made it score a triple century but the opposition was crippled as they lacked several qualities which abominated the mood of the voters. We are going to discuss the reasons why oppositions couldn’t give a tough fight to the incumbent government and paved the way to their own defeat.


  • Demeaning GST: The opposition made numerous attempts to demean the Goods & Services Tax. They unnecessarily said that many small businessmen lost their living and industry was lost in darkness. But they didn’t realize that when there was Value Added Tax (VAT), the businessmen who had a turnover of more than Rs 10 Lakhs had to pay this tax. But after the introduction of GST, businessmen who had the turnover of less than Rs 20,00,000 were exempted from paying GST. And in April, 2019, the limit was increased to Rs 40,00,000. The small businessmen were actually benefitting from this.




  • Commenting on PM Modi’s outfit: Many opposition leaders claimed that PM Modi wears clothes worth Rs 10 Lakhs. Rameshkumar Bhikabhai Virani, director of the KARP Group which manufactures and markets polished diamonds and diamond jewellery is an NRI businessman who gifted this suit to PM Modi and its worth was Rs 3 Lakhs which the opposition exaggerated to be of Rs 10 lakh. Moreover, Modi auctioned the gifted suit for Rs 1.2 crore and donated the entire amount to National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG).




  • Demanding proof of Surgical & Air Strikes: I don’t think I need to explain anything on this. The opposition in an attempt to go against Modi, went against the Army by questioning them and demanding proof of Army operations, thereby losing many supporters. They demanded proof of Surgical Strike conducted by the Indian Army on 29th September, 2016 and of Balakot Air Strike conducted by Indian Air Force on 26th February, 2019.




  • Foul Language Against Modi: It is not wrong to say that the opposition lost a big time when they called the PM names to gain political brownie points. They called him names such as Chaiwala (Because Modi used to sell tea for a living in his childhood), Chor Chowkidaar ( corrupt security guard), neech (characterless), Duryodhan (A cruel and ruthless ruler in Hindu mythology), etc. Not only that, Congress leader Raj Babbar dragged PM Modi’s mother in his statement too. Babbar said in his statement that the value of Rupee against Dollar is degrading just like the age of PM Modi’s mother. Not so cool strategy to criticize the PM using profanity.




  • Not Being Visionary: If we are to speak the truth, then the sole objective of the Mahagathbandan was to dethrone Modi from the post of the Prime Minister. They emphasized less on their future plans for India’s prosperity and more on dethroning Modi from power. They merely issued a manifesto and ignored to explain the measures they would take if they come to power and how it would do justice to the Indian public. What was their strategy? What was their vision? How can they administrate the country better than the present government? We had no answers.




  • Divided Opposition: A united opposition contesting the elections together appeared possible when top leaders shared the stage at the swearing-in ceremony of Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy last year. Opposition leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Tejashwi Yadav held hands together  despite having different principles, but as the election arrived, they started spitting venom against each other and parted ways. People understood that they merged not to improve the country but just to acquire seats and power. This is what led Narendra Modi to call the opposition unity as ‘mahamilawat’ (massive adulteration). He even said that they are like oil and water which could not be mixed together ever.




  • Ridiculing ‘Pakoda’ remark of Modi: PM Modi in one of his rally said that around 4 crore people benefitted from the Mudra Yojana by taking loan and starting their small businesses to earn a livelihood. Many of those beneficiaries have opened their stall in which they sell pakoda (fritters) and run their families. But the opposition ridiculed his statement and this was also a direct attack on all those people who have taken benefit from Mudra Yojana, giving yet another blow to the sentiments of a common man.




  • Where is my 15 lakhs ? PM Modi, while addressing a rally, said that if we collect the illegal money of all the black money holders in this country, then it will be possible to easily grant Rs 15 Lakhs to every Indian in their bank accounts. But, Modi didn’t write it down in his 2014 election manifesto that 15 Lakhs will be given away. It was not a promise but a mere statement to attack the opposition to make the public realize the amount of black money present in foreign banks. But, it was wrongly interpreted by the opposition and they were found to be embarrassed when proved wrong.




  • Politicizing the Defaulters: We saw many economic offenders who escaped from the country because they were unable to pay back their loans. Some examples are Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Chowksi, etc. who ran away but people knew that the government which granted them loan was the UPA government. Also, the administration has already freezed the assets of these defaulters and recovered the money and not to forget about the immediate approval of the Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2018 which allows confiscating assets without conviction in cases where economic offenders flee the country, and paying the lenders by selling off the fugitive’s properties.




  • Defending Anti-Indians: Taking side of the Anti-Indians, Tukde-Tukde gang and Naxals charged heavy price from Congress and they lost thousands of voters. Raj Babbar in a statement said that Naxals who killed our Armed Forces are revolutionaries. The Indian National Congress in its 2019 manifesto mentioned about scrapping the Sedition Law which would give Tukde-Tukde gang full freedom to go against the nation and raise anti-national slogans.




  • Spreading Lies about Zero Development: Yes, there were pros and cons of the Modi government. But the oppositions were spreading lies about no development at all. Reality was something else. There were massive progress in Railways, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Waterways, 6 crore LPG connections under Ujjwala Yojana, 31.2 crore Jan Dhan bank accounts, 9 crore toilets under Swachh Bharat Yojana, 1.07 crore rural household under Awaas Yojana, Zero tolerance against terrorism, Army modernization, Global attention to India because of ‘Modinomics’ and the list goes on.




  • Disrespecting People’s Mandate: The opposition made numerous attempts to gain attention and also to attract voters to their side. But, when they held rallies, people showed no interest and the handful of people who actually went to the spot were seen raising pro Modi slogans. They lost many polls conducted by them in their social media accounts. Despite of these setbacks, they started accusing the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and didn’t even spare the Election Commission and called them ‘bikau’ (Sold to BJP) instead of analyzing what is going wrong on their side. This negative politics played by the opposition irked the Indian public.




  • Shaming India’s Culture: We witnessed many opposition leaders who visited the pilgrim spots to get the blessings of God but when the time came, the same leaders were seen coining the term ‘Hindu Terrorism’. The Rajasthan Congress government removed the chapters based on Maharana Pratap and Veer Savarkar. When Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath changed the names of cities whose names were after the invaders from foreign countries and gave them an Indian name, he faced criticism from the opposition. Was Yogi wrong? Can we expect a city in Israel being named after Adolf Hitler?



The opposition needs to contemplate these causes and analyse what went wrong on their side. As we know, a rational opposition is indeed necessary for a healthy,

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