Chhattisgarh Government Replacing Plastic with Clay cups and Utensils.

Clay Cups and utensils are introducing in Chhattisgarh Govt. Offices to reduce plastic waste.

Today world is facing so much pressure of non-degradable waste in form of plastics, which is now global issue for every country. Plastic waste management has been one of the hottest topics and dreadful issue for many countries including, Guyana, Germany, Netherlands, Kuwait, Ireland and United States. Global summits and seminars are being organized and many organizations are running several awareness programs for reducing plastic waste. According to survey global production of plastics has reached 381 million tonnes in 2015 which is equivalent to the masses of two-third of the world population. And these wastes already discharged into marines of various continents which is affecting marine lives terribly. Cumulative production of synthetic fibers, polymers and additives were 8300 million tonnes according to data.

floating plastic                                          India is also facing this environment issue which in result Government and organizations are initiating for plastic ban. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced ban on Single-use Plastic on all Air India Flights. Several measures took to solve this issue which follows the promotion of jute carry bags and cloth bags instead of plastic ones. Several waste management awareness programs organized with ‘Green Box, Red Box and Blue Box’ for all type of different wastes from bio-degradable, degradable and non-decomposable.

In this line of solutions Chhattisgarh skilled potters from Mahasamund district along with ‘Mati Kala Board’ started initiative to make clay utensils and pots which will be distributed to all public meetings and events instead of plastic ones in government offices and meetings. This initiative is taken up by Chhattisgarh village Industries Department Minister Guru Rudra Kumar is leading the initiative. Mati Kala Board is manufacturing sup sets, dinner sets, pots and even water bottles are in the line between the ranges of 500-1000 rupees.

This initiative is an effort to elevate men and women from village to form self-help groups which will specialize the art of pottery. Pottery ornaments are also in a good demand in the state among women; this initiative can boast the small sectors of village and blend the earthen culture with VIP one. Climatic Problem can be reduced with this small but effective initiative in state by spreading awareness regarding plastic waste. Chhattisgarh may be working on a small scale for environmental issues but it can make change somewhere.

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