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5 Thoughts Every Raipurian Has While Moving To Atal Nagar

Delhi has New Delhi, Mumbai has Navi Mumbai… pretty basic isn’t it!? Gladly our Raipur has Atal Nagar! Named after one of the greatest Prime Ministers of our country Late Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, this is the 6th planned city of India. While Raipur has its own whimsical quality, Atal Nagar also has its quirks.

While moving from one place to another is a long process, Moving from Raipur to Atal Nagar is pretty overwhelming! Here are 5 thoughts every Raipurian has while moving to Atal Nagar:-

Low Rent and Big Space!?


On one hand where it’s impossible to find a nice house with normal amenities in our budget in Raipur, On the other hand, Atal Nagar has spacious houses and that too in unexpectedly low rent!

The roads are so big and clean!


Traveling in Raipur is often frustrating. With narrow roads and so many vehicles, sometimes it’s even hard to breathe. Atal Nagar’s roads are so wide and clean they are sure to give you an eyegasm!

It’s so quiet here!



Atal Nagar is far from all the City as well as its noises. With such less population, its nights are peaceful as one can imagine! It won’t be an understatement to say that Atal Nagar has that peace that one wants.

Why are so many people learning driving?


Be it morning or evening or night, People are always learning how to drive here! as we said the roads are so wide and clean here that it has become a learning hub of newbie Drivers.

Can we just get some Autos here?


Atal Nagar is still a blooming city, therefore, it just has city-buses as a mode of public transport. No autos, No rickshaws, nothing! Is it so much to ask for?


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