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Times Square Mall -The Ultramodern Shopping And Working Experience!

The Times Square Mall

times square mall

Times Change And So Do Business From The Look And Feel To The Experiential. Avinash Times Square Mall – The Ultramodern Business Hub Will Give Shopping And Working a Completely New Experience. A Projects Designed In Mind That It’s Coming Up In Futuristic New Town Naya Raipur, Being Built From Scratch. A Project Tahat Is Poised To Become The Commercial Hub Of The Most Advanced Township Within This New Town- Avinash New Country.

Where? – Sector 19, Rakhi-1, Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492101


times square mall


Food and beverages are provided on the ground -floor. Shaded courtyards in the center create recreational relaxing spaces. Wind tunnels are created in the central courtyard for the flow of air and the kiosks are placed around the courtyard for the ease of consumers. The highest point of the building is at the South-West which protects the building from the harsh summer sun.

times square mall

As the city of Raipur is still growing, affordability is still a criterion. Thus, the ideology behind this commercial complex was to apply basic design principles like mutual shading and building orientation, so as to conceive a sustainable mall with minimum energy consumption.



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