Program In Support Of Differently Abled Children

Donate For A DreamProgram In Support Of Differently Abled Children

Tapri the Teafe Town held a program called Donate For A Dream on 11th July at their place to lend smile on the innocent faces of the differently abled children from Kopal Vani Shravan Badhit Vidyalaya. The program incorporated a number of playful activities such as Ludo, Chess & Passing The Pass for the kids to have a quality time. They also danced on Bollywood music. Their visualization of nature, landscape & tribal art found expression through the paintings that were put on display so as to give exposure to the talent of the little ones.Donate For A Dream

Donate For A DreamThe chief guest of the program Ajit Kukreja interacted with the kids and conferred them with gifts & certificates as a token of appreciation for their competence. Youth icon & travel photographer of the city Luzina Khan also graced the event. The other prominent personalities present were to the likes of Akash Sahu, Aman Asharfi and Ayush Jain. The program was a great success as a step towards upholding the faith of the differently abled ones in humanity.

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