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Is today’s Modern and rapid lifestyle making the ‘millenials’ sicker?

Adapting and adjusting to changes today have created an era where modernizing lifestyle have brought us near to diseases. From decades we are aware of communicable and non-communicable diseases but with modernizing, recently we have led to the generation of lifestyle diseases such as depression, stress, obesity, anxiety, high blood pressure etc. Despite of recent introduction to the term lifestyle diseases we are well familiar to the disease from way long time, but in today’s world we are encouraging the disease to come to hype by pressurizing oneself to work more to clear modern generation race. Not only the race of getting in top has led to such diseases but also the new technology which made our lives easy has also contributed equally in increasing the percentage of disease. According to a study over 61 per cent of all deaths in India are due to lifestyle diseases. T.S. Kler, Head of the Department Cardiology, Forties Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center said “Indians are increasingly leading a sedentary and machine-dependent life, which may seem comfortable but has extremely adverse effects on health.”

Being slave of convinces is something that every person now appreciates more. Personal lifestyle changes are often urged on the public during times of crisis such as war. It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention; the same is true in modern world. From the discovery of the wheel, every invention has been for comfortable lifestyle. Standing in lifts is now more convenient way to climb up then walking over stairs, motorbikes are being chosen to cover even shorter distance then walking, mobile games are preferred for recreation over ground sports, with an air conditioning in room we get comfortable regardless of whether it’s raining or snowing outdoor, similarly we can fly anywhere in the world within a short time and many more conveniences are there. “Excess of everything is bad” this saying comes true with the current technology we are living with. The arrival of new and variety of machinery and technology has made us dependent. Today life becomes unimaginable without mobile phones and internet, we feel paralyzed without vehicles, air conditioner once was a choice has now become a necessity. It’s good to use machines for our comfort but becoming slaves to it is not a favorable selection. Absolutely inventions have made our life easy but this comfort is making us lazy and unhealthy.

All this inventions were made to make live easy not unhealthy. It’s we who are making the mode to make us unhealthy. But every disease has its treatment some are painful to cure and some are not so painful. These diseases are yet risky but have easy, painless and quick remedies, just few lifestyle changes. Take time from busy schedules and go out for short walk, jog, gym or yoga whatever suits, this small time slot helps you to stay fit from many cardiac diseases. Depression another major lifestyle disease can be cure just with meditating, reading good books, making time to meet friends or by consulting psychologist. Busy lifestyle make people tiered and eat a lot of junk and outside food which leads to weight gain or obesity. Obesity or weight gain is an illness itself but are also a path through which many other diseases get pumped up. So now it’s high time for us to stop, look at the quality of life we are leading and bring out the required changes to overcome the bad style of living for betterment.



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