‘Abu Hasan’ Creates An Aura Of Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights‘Abu Hasan’ Creates An Aura Of Arabian Nights

Agragami– the 1st Hindi Drama team of Raipur established in 1961, conducted a period drama called Abu Hasan at Rang Mandir, Raipur. The play written by Girish Chandra Ghosh is a 135-year-old creation which was translated in colloquial language by Badal Sarkar & Pratibha Agrawal. One of the founding members of the team & ‘Chakradhar Award’ winner Jalil Rizvi directed the drama.Arabian Nights

The team of Agragami has been conferred with many awards for its contribution towards promoting theater art in India, which came up with the utterly arresting play that drenched the audience in the aura of Arabian Nights. This comic fantasy was played by 18 artists who essayed 32 various characters that enthralled the audience to the very core. The artists were to the likes of Rohit Arabian NightsBhushanwar, Anupama Tiwari, Neelesh Patel, Akanksha Burad, Shubham Tiwari, Priti Mishra, Prem Sharma, Sparsh Sharma, Gaurav Sharma, Aabid Sheikh, Rakesh Gharde, Aayushi Sinha, Kirti Parik, Aakash Singh, Rounak Singh, Sunny Wadhwa, Siddharth Thakkar, Siddharth Jain, Anukriti Shukla and Sandeepa Sarkar.

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