“BI-cycle with Love”

 Couple Cycle Rally : On World Ozone Day

Tedx 1To encourage and let people accept cycling by heart TEDx Pandri, the official TEDx  of Chhattisgarh state has come up with this unique concept of cycling with partners. The message team wants to give is that we ride cycle just for show off and it could only be accepted if people feel free or good to sit at the back and enjoy the ride as they do in motorbikes or cars.

This change in perspective will motivate people to adopt cycling in their regular schedules whenever possible. Have you ever imagined taking a lift from a cycler? No, which is the motivation to conduct this campaign to increase acceptance for the cycle on occasion of world ozone day on 16th September. It was 15 km couple cycle  rally  which commenced from marine drive with mid destination as N.I.T Raipur and way back to marine drive.

Tedx 2
The Winner will got special invite to witness TEDx happening at Raipur on 8th October in Babylon International. TED  is an International organization that provides platform for thinkers from all around the world to share their ideas that are “Worth Sharing” in Technology, Entertainment and Design.

The aim of this organization is to give platform to ideas and people of this state, so that they can impart change on international platform.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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