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Anil Sinha aka ‘Fufu’ – A Regional Entertainer.

‘Fufu Ke Goth Baat’ Fame Anil Sinha – A Budding YouTuber

Anil Sinha is not a very popular name in Chhattisgarh but if you say ‘Fufu’, thousands of people will recognize it immediately! He’s a small-town guy, an engineer who somehow became a part-time video producer and a full-time entertainer. He’s the brain behind YouTube series ‘Fufu Ke Goth Baat’, and of course, there are so many aspects involved from handling fame to creating content and, as we can understand, it won’t be easy so, there are some difficulties as well. How does he go about all this, read and find out?

Making People Laugh Makes Anil Sinha Happy!



“I love to make people laugh. If I bring a smile on someone’s face, I feel as if it made my day! While I was in college, I used to participate in dramas etc. I also used to do anchoring which eliminated stage fear. Then this grew into a passion. And now, since there’s no better platform than YouTube to spread humor, I chose it,” says Anil.

On being asked about choosing acting over engineering, he says “Acting has always been my passion, engineering wasn’t. Simple!”

Proud to Create Chhattisgarhi Content

He feels proud while saying “It’s my honour to be able to promote Chhattisgarhi language at this level. By the way, I’m quite inspired by Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines). He is just outstanding! And he’s one of the major reasons why I became a YouTuber.”

‘Fufu’s’ Motivation & Future Plans

When we asked him about how he motivates himself and what his future plans are, he said “Yes, I do get criticized as well, but I take that criticism as a motivation! When people watch me as if I’m a celebrity that really excites me. Besides this, when I get messages from people asking as to when I’m coming up with my next video, it makes me forget all the criticism. Just the way I can’t resist Cheela & Fara with some spicy chutney, I can’t resist clicking a selfie with a fan! For the future, I have some more interesting characters in mind, which I would love to play in the future. Let’s see how things work out.”

My Viewers Are My Everything!

anil sinha

When asked about whether he has something to say for his viewers, he smiles and says “I’m doing all this only for my viewers’ support and I mean it. I am nothing without their love and support. Dear viewers please keep showering your love in the future as well.”

Written by Ratan Deep Singh

Content is sacrosanct to me. I sometimes feel that my blood comprises of creativity as well apart from RBCs, WBCs & Platelets. I create from my soul and write from my heart.


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