Bharti Bandhu: An Epitome Of Sufi and Kabir Music in India

Bharti BandhuBharti Bandhu: An Epitome Of Sufi and Kabir Music in India

“A country can never be judged by its development structure alone, its cultural heritage is as important to understand its evolution”, believes Bharti Bandhu. An artist is not believed to be true because of how renowned he is, but the amount of diversity he holds within himself proves his truest worth in the society; and one such artist is the world renowned musician Bharti Bandhu.Bharti Bandhu

A Raipur born artist whose dreams revolved around being a Doctor or a Defence Personnel during his school days took an upside down turn when his selection of stream was swapped with another student to Commerce instead of Science. Especially his antiques with NCC had his inclination towards defence. But as they say- fate lies in destiny- Bharti Bandhu was destined to carry forward his ancestral legacy of music, and so he did. Having performed in countries like Mauritius, Russia, America and England, he has performed for almost 7000 shows across the world along with his team of musicians.

Bharti BandhuTalking more about his prowess as a musician- Bharti Bandhu has composed a lot of Kabir Bhajans. He has also given music for various Chhollywood movies like ‘Pirit ke Jung’, ‘Chhattisgarh Mahatari’, ‘Ram Milahi Jodi’, and ‘Muktiram’ to name some. A feather to his cap got added when he was awarded the civilian award- Padmashree in 2013 by the government of India for his contribution towards music with Kabir Gaayan. When his life as taken a full circle around the world, he recalls the times of struggle during 1980 to 1995 when he had to face a lot of criticism for what he was doing. The thing which kept him moving were his father’s words as he quotes- ‘Be it any field whatsoever. Being the best in a field of life is what matters in the end.’ With this motivation as an anecdote, he went on working wonders and winning a lot of awards, receiving numerous accolades by people and so on.Bharti Bandhu

He keeps inspiring people around himself to respect their art and culture, and this is the reason why his children have been carrying the legacy forward of music in the family. With a motive of working for as long as he can, and promoting Kabir Vaani as much as he can, he insists on spreading to masses the art of music and cultural understanding. He also believes that every kid should be made aware about the cultural heritage from the very beginning, and every person in the country should love their culture which is never ending and humongous in size.

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