John Martin Nelson – The Father of National Monuments

John Martin NelsonJohn Martin Nelson – The Father of National Monuments

The Biography of Padamshree Awarded, famous sculptor John Martin Nelson is extraordinary. The talent of boy born in average family was in light when he was studying in school. He was well impressed by his English teacher Mr. Siddique in class 11th of higher secondary school Kharelanji District Balaghat (M.P). Mr. Siddique was master of art and colors as well as had good knowledge of English. Young Nelson had started study of art in direction of his master. Day by day his heart color in this area, in colors and brushes that art and nelson became definition of each other in past 50 years.

Nelson is a living institution whom beauty has completed with creativity, labor and feelings of simplicity and devotions. Now-a-days his amazing sculpture describes his devoted life. This none living sculptures are explaining self and their creator. Becoming an inspirited for art thousand’s art lover he deserved the Padma award without any controversy. Indian government awarded with Padam Shree in age of 58 years. His journey of art is going on continuously.John Martin Nelson

Crossing the age of 65 years he is active in area of literature and social activity with art of statues. He travelled other states with Chhattisgarh for Advertising and Communicating of good will and social harmony with campaign of statues of inspiring personalities. He shaped and dedicated the statues of in inspiring personalities. This son of Chhattisgarh is active continuously with feeling of gratitude in heart without any desire. He is respecting this land from which he found love and intimacy. He max his presence in literature planning’s, workshop and forums for guiding in 65 years to. He participates in many activities like cleanliness program, awarding the brave children, encouraging to players, organizing tournaments for incapables and women empowerment.

Padam Shree JM Nelson has been recognized as originator of National monuments in Chhattisgarh. Six national monuments in Chhattisgarh give new recognize to his creation and journey of art. The statue with height of 12 feet, Bharat Mata made by Pali marble in Mungali District departed from Bilaspur (C.G), shows the peak of talent of Nelson. This national monument in the form of Bharat Mata Temple is completed with cost of rupees 40 Millions. Vishwakarma family was called for this carving they were serving day night for decoration of the temple. The work of construction of Bharat Mata riding on four lions was completed in Nelson art studio. They are after the work rejoining of different part of statue in temple denting painting finishing was completed. The Bharat Mata temple is constructed by Shree Vivekananda children welfare committee founder is Mr. Foolchand Jain. The temple is situated in premises of Vivekananda higher secondary school the statue of two Mahavats on elephants are welcoming Bharat Mata in front of temple. This is the first monuments of world were Bharat Mata is situated alone. This statue took more than four years of completion Nelson went to Mungali in many steps than work could be completed. Bharat Mata is established ridden on four lions, with tri color flag in hand, in centre of temple. This temple will be national precious heritage in the form of national monument for unity and wholeness of our country.

John Martin NelsonFans and lovers of art journey of Nelson know very well that first national monument made by nelson is situated in assembly premises Raipur Ashok Pillar (16 feet height) made of metal is situated with statue of Mahatma Gandhi there. Another is situated in Nilabh garden “BudhaTalab” where 37 feet statue of Swami Vivekananda is established. Adding to this another national monument in form of 50 feet high statue of Mahtma Buddha is constructed on the Pragyagiri hill of Dongargarh District Rajnandgaon(C.G). Another monument created by Mr. Nelson, place glory is established on G.E Road, Durg and Rajnandgaon too.

Mr. Nelson is recognized as originator of national monuments after showing worth of art in Durg, Raipur, Mungali, Rajnandgaon, Districts of Chhattisgarh. Other creations of JM Nelson are BaikundDham, Bhilai and BudhhaDham in Pavani, Maharashtra. These are in comparable examples of Art. The statue of Dr. Ambedkar in Buddha Vihar of Balsada, Gujarat is improving self as pilgrimage for devotees.

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