Runit Gupta : The Jack of all Trades

Runit GuptaRunit Gupta : The Jack of all Trades

“Jack of all trades, master of many”; defying all odds with this quote, is Runit Gupta. A maestro at what he does at such a young age is all about this boy in his early 20s. A meritorious in academics, creative for passion, and an athlete during his earlier days; Runit has seen through it all.

Having done his schooling from Kaanger Valley Academy, he was always a bright student during his school days. Like any other School topper, Runit’s parents desired of him to emerge out becoming an Engineer or a Doctor, securing his future. But he had some other plans in his head. Initially, he went on doing his graduation in Architecture, from DY Patil Institute, Pune. Then he also went to Inifd for a course in Interior Designing.Runit Gupta

It was the stepping stone for him when he started helping his mother, sell the Imitation jewellery they used to retail. Then, having developed an interest for ornaments, he joined IIGJ for a course in Jewelry design. Meanwhile, he had done around 50 Exhibitions with his mother. Having no background for jewelries in the family, he launched his handmade jewellery collection at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai in 2016, where he received a lot of accolades from the visitors. A massive sale at the exhibition boosted his confidence much, and rest was history thereon.

He later went on leaving his company where he used to work as a jewellery designer, and went to Ahmedabad to join hands with his cousin, Ritesh. They collaborated together to form a label called- Ritesh Runit, which combined Fashion & Jeweller together to form a beauto combo. Initially, they received contracts from NGOs and other small companies, before breaking into limelight and making it to the big scene. They got invited to the Guwahati Fashion Week Finale, where they were asked to provide the Wardrobe and Jewelry to the contestants. It was their creativity then, where they created edible clothes with Milk Protein fibreBambooSoya etc, and caught everyone’s attention.

Runit GuptaBack then, Runit was just 21 years old, and had already started getting good orders from companies which expected the best results. He launched a brand after Guwahati Fashion Week, called- Mr.Romeo (men’s accessories) for the men who feel the youth, sophistication and class. He was invited to take workshops in colleges for Handmade Jewellery and puppet making, where he taught people who were senior to him.

Runit also was a Basketball player during his school days, and used to play Football as well. Having won numerous prizes in sketching as well, he’s truly a Jack of all Trades. Having achieved a lot in his life at such a young age, the journey has just started for the small town lad, and with his dreams as huge, the journey looks smooth for him

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