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Vinay Dubey AlphapreneurThis young man from a small town named Vidisha has bigger dreams to achieve. Mr. Vinay Dubey hails from this small town near Bhopal. He has done most of his schooling from Bhopal. Since he got selected in AIIMS, Raipur, he came to the capital city to pursue his studies.
At this young age, he has a great vision. E-Sehat is going to be one of the top healthcare service providers in central India. There is a team working to develop the website, mobile application and also doing a lot of market research to bring forth the best in the industry.
E-Sehat is like the A to Z of healthcare. Mr. Dubey aims to provide the best medical facilities at very affordable prices and at the click of a button. All these facilities will be provided at the comfort of the client’s house.Vinay Dubey Alphapreneur
The basic facilities that E-Sehat is focusing to provide will be a doctor on call who charges the minimal fees and provides on-point treatment, online consultation and follow-up, quality medical services for the rural population, medicines and lab investigations at the doorstep, various blood donation facilities, etc.
The website and the mobile app will also provide cost comparison and ratings of various procedures and surgical treatments for the customers.
Mr. Vinay Dubey foVinay Dubey Alphapreneurund lack of quality healthcare services in our region and also the ones available are too expensive. Thus, E-Sehat aims at bringing the best medical facilities under one roof.
Mr. Dubey used to follow Tedx and now his commendable vision has got him this opportunity to get associated with Alphapreneur.
Team Reincarnating Raipur wishes Mr. Vinay Dubey all the luck in his endeavor.

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