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Pawan K. Jaiswal – Helping Brands to Harness the Power of Influencer Marketing

Not many people in Chhattisgarh would be aware of a company called Influenzone Technologies Pvt. Ltd. but, you would be surprised to know that this company works with some nationally renowned brands. Mr. Pawan Kumar Jaiswal is the man who started this venture and is also taking it forward successfully.

How it started…

He casually tells his story about how it all started and says, “I pursued Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. During my graduation days, my friends introduced me to Orkut and this is how I came to know about the amazing world of internet. I slowly became an internet addict.”

He smiles and tells, “I used to participate in online contests organized by various brands. Winning passes etc. excited me.

I was quite active on Twitter and someone noticed it. He offered me a job in a digital media agency. This is how my career started.

I used to handle important accounts like Dominos, OLX, Fiama Di Wills, Kurkure, Mentos, Bosch & Lomb, Vatika etc there. Meanwhile, my Twitter presence was still active. Owner of an Influencer Marketing Agency identified my hidden potential and told that I could be an influencer. He introduced me to the world of influencer Marketing.”

A life-changing experience…

He talks about his life-changing experience and says, “As an influencer I worked with Royal Enfield (went on coastal rides, covered Rider Mania etc.), Pizza Hut (introducing ‘Birizza’), Maruti (Covered Desert Storm) etc. This gave me an exposure that changed life. So, that was the time I started my own Influencer Marketing agency. I started it at a small level but as time passed, our client base became stronger and since Influenzone worked with great deal of commitment, we’ve reached this decent level at which we proudly stand today.”

Personal preferences & future plans…

His good choice is not limited to his work and profession. So, when we asked him about his favourite place in India he said, “I’ve travelled almost all across the country and I believe Rajasthan is the best place in India.” He also happens to be a foodie and says, “Veg Biryani, Matar Paneer, Chhole Bhature and of course Chhattisgarhi cuisine are some lip-smacking things on this earth.” By the way he has an interesting future plan. He deeply thinks and says, “I want to be a politician. A good politician that sets an example for other politicians. I want to work for common people in a way that they become satisfied. But this is far fetched dream right now. I’ll about it seriously only after I retire.”

Written by Ratan Deep Singh

Content is sacrosanct to me. I sometimes feel that my blood comprises of creativity as well apart from RBCs, WBCs & Platelets. I create from my soul and write from my heart.


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