Juhi Singh Rajput: A blessing in Disguise

Life is only 10% of what happens to you… and 90% of how you react to it!!

–    Charles R. Swindol

Juhi Singh Rajput has proved the above saying by fighting all odds in life. She has had a very inspiring journey With an experience of over 16 years, Juhi has worked with many MNCs, Air Hostess Academies, Universities, Sahara Airlines New Delhi, and the list is long.

Juhi has always looked up to her father – Dr. Dinesh Marothia (International econJuhi Singh Rajput 1omist and member in planning commission in CG govt) who is also her inspiration and she has made him proud today. Her major strength was her mother and sister and her decision to come in counselling is all because of the support lend to her by her good friends, who gave her a patient hearing every time.

From the day, when people taunted her parents about their girl not getting married, to this day when Juhi literally has everything in life; she has been an angel to people. Juhi does family counselling for people struggling with their marriage and has saved many families by mentoring them. Today, she works as a corporate trainer from Mumbai who specializes in interview skills and is happily serving at the MATS University, Mahila Thana, Raipur.

Juhi Singh Rajput 2She is also professional groomer and her students are placed in international cruise, International and National airlines, Hotel Taj and many other brands like Pepsi, coca cola. She stands tall owning five Post Graduation Degrees in Travel & Aviation, Tourism, Public Administration, Law, and Psychology. She is an optimist and believes in the aura of a person. She says that we have 90% of good people around us and 10% bad influence.

But this bad influence overpowers the good always and we should try to consciously fight back against the bad from within us and from our surroundings as well.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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