Aavya Chhabaria- With Unwavering Mindfulness

Aavya ChhabariaAavya Chhabaria– With Unwavering Mindfulness

Talent might be God given which to an extent every individual has but the temperament to cast the best version of the self from the talent is something one has to nurture on a daily basis which can easily be wavering by the outer influences. 11-year-old Kavya Chhabaria is someone for whom one can only say ‘simply magical’ as the way she employs the comprehensive range of talents to perform every time at her best is transcendental.

The sweet little princess of her parents, Aavya, is pursuing her schooling from NH Goel School. She is just a 7th standard student with the temper for not only academics but also dance. She has been constantly winning prizes in several local dance competitions being a trained dancer. Moreover Her ability to present herself on stage with a firm confidence which she has been exhibiting since she was 2, makes her a fashion icon as well for the young ones.Aavya Chhabaria

Her mindfulness seems to be at the supreme level as her genius is also reflected through her abacus skills which has won her the 2nd prize in the recently concluded national level competition. She has also prevailed in various regional level competitions. The tight schedule of her studies, leaves her just the weekends to practice with the abacus which she uses in the best possible manner.

Her accomplishments are overwhelming to her parents as to their delight she never misses any opportunity to garner limelight whenever she performs at any sort of program or competition. Being prominent locally as the fashion & dancing sensation now she is eyeing to compete at the state and national level dance competitions too.

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