Gulshan Sahu- Blossoming Through Sensitivity

Gulshan Sahu– Blossoming Through Sensitivity

Gulshan SahuWhen the mind is deeply synchronized with the whim throbbing in the heart then the creativity of the expression & the temper to evolve with the skills start to function intrinsically. Such is the synchronicity evident when Gulshan Sahu, a 14-year-old budding sketch, painting & rangoli artist goes on to express the beauty of his imagination through his art.

Gulshan Sahu, a resident of Mathpurena, Raipur is pursuing his school education as a class 9th student from Vardhman The School. Though not so financially bolstered he is blessed with creative mind & sensitive heart which have always kept him gravitated towards fine-art.Gulshan Sahu

Ever since his early childhood he dedicated himself towards learning the nitty- gritty of the fine art from the national award winning rangoli artist of the city Pramod Sahu. Under the patronage of such a teacher, Gulshan in a very short span of time has learned a variety of skills that usually are mastered by the years of practice.

The fostering by his teacher has helped him constantly evolve like a perennial river that keeps on flowing till it reaches the ocean. His depth of the sensitivity is emphatically reflected through his art which involves every small detail for the inclusivity of a range of skills into one. Moreover, it has been a year since he has started to employ his creative temper for professional art.

Gulshan SahuHis future plans also conform with his present indulgence of sketching & rangoli that are the very reason of his integrity as a human being to let the imagination find the realization making way to the core of hearts of whosoever comes across. For the kids like Gulshan we all have to come in unison to induce them for being the flag-bearer of the sensitive side of the human nature that people often constrain

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