Mr. Bharat Dev: The Ultimate Travel Doctor of Town

Mr. Bharat DevMr. Bharat Dev: The Ultimate Travel Doctor of Town

Dare to live the life you have always dreamt off. Not every body has that guts to live life in their own terms.

Mr. Bharat Dev is one person I came across who has always lived his life on his own terms. Initially from Raipur he did hotel management from MDI Gurukul, Delhi. After this he got a job in Hyatt, Delhi as a management trainee.
He then got a job in Paris. Before leaving for Paris he came to Raipur and then decided not to take the job and start something of his own. He has a family of lawyers and government officials with no one into any business now including his daughters Manika Dev Mishra and Kanika Mishra who both are lawyers.Mr. Bharat Dev

But he started with his travel agency in 1987 in Raipur. He first became the agent of Vayudut, an airlines back then. His company was first into only handling one agency. In 1989 they became agents for air ticketing. It was the first travel agency in town. It was a difficult task to set foot in this town as it was not acquainted with the concept of a travel agency. Slowly he ventured not only into air ticketing but also group packaging, hotel booking, tours, car rentals etc.

He was the one to bring the concept of foreign tours in Raipur. He is the head of TAFI (Travel Agent Federation for India) of the Chhattisgarh wing. Though he is not a travel enthusiast himself but he loves making other’s trips memorable and wants to be a guide and complete solution to them. He has personally escorted many groups abroad. He has ties in almost all the countries all around the world. He is a very humble and a down to earth person and guides everyone according to their choices and budget.

Started off with 4 people now has a team of more than 50 people. His wife and family are all now into this travel agency. He is a complete travel adviser and we assure you that he will leave no stone unturned to make someone’s trip memorable. He has his shares of struggle and challenges with the team and the biggest hurdle being that problems always crop up in different parts of the world. Fighting all odds he is standing tall and with a gentle smile to help you out no matter what.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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