Misbah Shiekh : A Strong Headed Girl

Misbah Shiekh 1When you follow your passion fighting all odds you are bound to create history. Such is the story of this girl from a conservative Muslim family Misbah Shiekh
Struggles are a part of life and real winners are those who go through all these fight back and succeed. She is a perfect example for this as belonging to a conservative family, though she has her parents support, she opted for a different carrier choice. In a community where girls are not allowed to work and are married early, she pursued engineering and has also worked in an IT firm. She had a campus selection and got a job in Syntel, Pune, Maharashtra, but relatives didn’t support her but she convinced her dad and went to Pune to work. She successfully worked in Syntel for more than 2 years. Now the                                                                       twist in the story begins. 

She was working but not satisfied at the personal level as this was not her passion her heart laid on a different field. Being a makeup fan she had been behind it since the age of 13 years. She owned a good make up kit and all costly products since then. She used to practice make-up from magazines back then. After leaving Syntel she started to search ways to fulfil her dream of becoming a make-up artist. She was an ardent follower of young YouTube make-up artists Chloe Morelle and Ankita Shrivastav.Misbah Shiekh 2

She then gave an interview in Ayush Software, who were about to launch their YouTube section of beauty and make-up and got selected. As luck would have it this was within a week after leaving Syntel. Then her journey as a make-up blogger started but as usual it was not easy in the beginning. The fear of camera and lack of confidence were the main hurdles which she overcame. Slowly the channel started to pick-up and within 3 months of its launch she had 1 million subscribers.
Misbah Shiekh 3As you say success comes with a cost, she started to shoot 4 videos daily because of which her skin got affected. She even took make-up orders and also got a privilege to work with Bollywood actress Manjari Phadnis. Her relatives are totally against her portraying her face on this channel. Due to personal reasons and also grow more in this field she has now left this channel and is now moving base to Mumbai. With no professional training she is now determined to go for a specialization course in the city of dreams. Hats off to this girl who is fighting all odds to follow her dream. This girl is a living example of the saying dreams do come true. From Reincarnating Raipur we wish you all the luck and know that the sky is your limit.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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