Mr Subash Chander Khetarpal & Mrs Santosh Khetarpal : With Timeless Exuberance

Mr Subash Chander Khetarpal & Mrs Santosh KhetarpalMr Subash Chander Khetarpal & Mrs Santosh Khetarpal : With Timeless Exuberance

The uncertainties in life are not always the reason for one’s lamentation over uncontrolled circumstances but also for driving us to be willing to explore more about the capability of the self in order to evolve on a constant basis. Such has been the journey of dedicated and committed companionship between Mr Subash Khetarpal & Mrs Santosh Khetarpal having the 38 years of sublime togetherness.Mr Subash Chander Khetarpal & Mrs Santosh Khetarpal

Mr Khetarpal was born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1946 when the subcontinent was suffering the aftermath of the apocalyptic World War II. His father, an army doctor a little later walked from Pakistan to Myanmar (then Burma) through India with the family for a secure future with serenity. In Burma Mr Khetarpal was brought up in much of affluence as his father grounded the roots well for a lucrative business. But again the life took a tragic turn when Mr Khetarpal was 18. The martial law in Burma forced the family to move to India as destitute. Mr Khetarpal despite all the adversities kept on going and after his studies, started working in a private company. Post 20 years of his service almost all over the country he established a motor parts shop in Raipur in 1989. By and by his business grew and so did his reputation in the Raipur circle. He has been the president of Raipur Motor Merchant Association. Later on when he switched his business to Scooter parts he was elected unanimously the president of Raipur Scooter Parts Dealers Association. Now for almost 8 years he has been presiding over the association. Moreover he has also been serving the Chattisgarh Chamber Of Commerce as its Vice President for about 7 years till date. Not only a business stalwart in town but he is a sensational sportsperson as well since his boyhood. He has been awarded for his achievements in cricket, tennis and table tennis. In addition, he is regularly involved in conducting cricket tournaments under the flagship of Chhattishgarh Chamber Of Commerce and goes on to participate in the tournaments at the age of 72 being an inspiration to the youth.

Mr Subash Chander Khetarpal & Mrs Santosh KhetarpalWhereas Mrs Khetarpal is a native of Jabalpur who has been exuberant since her earliest childhood that led her to join NCC during her school days. She is also trained in mountaineering and has scaled 19500 feet Kanchanjanga summit for which she was felicitated with the best climber award. Right from her NCC days she was keen on training the kids. She has trained NCC junior division. Moreover her cycling fervor found expression through her involvement with NCC kids for over 350 Km cycling being a champion cyclist for which she was invited on tea by the former president of India Late Mr Farkhruddin Ali Ahmed. Her exceptional qualities also stretch out to rifle shooting. She had been working as a physical training instructor at Holy Cross Pension Bada before she retired 5 years ago. She is well known in the society for her magnanimous nature and unmatched social work.

Mr & Mrs Khetarpal have experienced countless instances when the strength of their bond prevailed over the hammerings of the adversities. To mention one, when they started to live in Gayatri Nagar which being a private colony didn’t have water supply from the Municipal Corporation. But to address the problem Mr Khetarpal along with Mrs Khetrapal then mobilized the ladies of the colony for crowd funding to lay pipeline for water supply as the authority agreed for the supply but laying pipeline was put upon the colony dwellers. It was a great mass mobilization which in 6 months resulted in a well laid pipeline. In this quest Mrs Khetarpal bolstered him whenever his strength began to fade. With the absolute support of his better half Mr Khetarpal managed his job and the commitment to gift the society the very basic need- water.Mr Subash Chander Khetarpal & Mrs Santosh Khetarpal

Mr Khetarpal too has been instrumental with all his love, care, support for Mrs Khetrapal to sustain in worst of the situations. About 15 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer though it could turn lethal for her but Mr Khetarpal still kept his cool and immediately she was operated which saved her life. With each passing day during her stint in the hospital Mr Khetarpal took all the blow upon himself without even informing his daughter who was to appear in her examination as an MBA student. Later when his daughter came to know about what transpired she was all praise for her father.

Now after almost 4 decades of companionship and having a daugher and a son, their love has grown moment by moment with sheer respect towards each other. Their children being well settled in their life, are utterly proud to have parents as such who never bowed down to the harsh circumstances and taught them always to hold the head high with focus upon the duties and responsibilities.

For the youth Mr & Mrs Khetarpal say that the life is full of unexpected events but without surrendering to the unfavourable conditions doing what is worthwhile helps emerge stronger & successful.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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